Demystifying the Bible: What does the Bible ACTUALLY Say About Gender and Sexuality?
This class is open to all. You need not be a current member of our congregation, or any congregation. Whether you are Christian, of another faith background, or of no faith background, Biblical references to gender and sexuality shape our secular lives. Come and explore with us what the bible actually says, the historical context in which it was written, and how it's words have been used in and by the Church throughout time. Led by Yale scholar, and Episcopal Priest, the Reverend Emilie Finn this study will explore scripture references from both the Old and New Testaments, concentrating the oft-quoted passages in Paul's Letter to the Romans.
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All who wish to engage deeply with the Biblical text and respectfully with one another are encouraged to attend.
Please share this form with those you feel would benefit from this discussion. NOTE: Parental consent required for anyone under age 18.
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Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, and for the safety of all participants, all are asked to review Emmaus' Zoom policy and commit to holding any personal stories shared in confidence. The Zoom policy may be viewed by copying this link into your browser window:
(Note: We do not want this policy to keep any well-intended participant from attending! This policy has been established during the course of Zoom worship during the pandemic. We realize this study may require some additional considerations. If you have questions or particular circumstances that need to be addressed separately, please let us know! Deb is always happy to discuss individual needs pastorally. Please send a note so we may set up a time to talk.
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This is a time of holy listening. We believe each person has the right to decide how their personal story is shared. And, we acknowledge that only the person sharing their story is able to judge the safety of doing so. By joining this class and it's discussions, participants commit to holding one another's stories in confidence unless or until the storyteller grants specific permission to share all or part of their story.
Please understand we are not asking for secrecy. The content of the class is public, and sharing general comments is acceptable. For instance, "During this discussion people shared their personal experience of how the Biblical texts have been used by family and friends," is ok. "Deb shared that when they came out, their church told them..." should not be shared outside these discussions unless Deb has given you express permission to share all or part of her story.
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