Library Advocacy Day Survey
Library Advocacy Day is on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019. Librarians, library trustees, and friends from across Missouri come together on one day to meet with State Representatives and Senators to discuss the importance of all libraries — academic, public, and school — and their contributions to the lives of Missourians. As we strive to convey our unified message to Missouri legislators, please answer this short survey about the event and advocacy in general.
How important is it for your library to establish and maintain a relationship with your library's State Representatives and Senators? *
Are you interested in attending Library Advocacy Day in Jefferson City this year? *
Will you attend Library Advocacy Day this year? *
If you are attending LAD this year, why? If you are not attending LAD this year, why not? *
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What type of library are you associated with? *
What is your primary role at your library? *
Would you be interested in attending a session, pre-conference, or series of sessions about advocacy at MLA's annual conference?
Do you have any suggestions and ideas for MLA Advocacy events, training, programs, etc.?
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