Code for Nashville Community Survey
Code For Nashville is a group of volunteers whose mission is to improve government and non-profit services through projects that engage with public institutions and improve quality of life in Nashville.
And who better to ask about what Nashville needs than its citizens — ie. You!
What neighborhood do you live in?
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How many years have you lived, worked, or been active in Nashville?
If you have been involved previously or on multiple occasions, please total all those times.
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Are you involved in any community organizations?
List specific organizations or if you want to keep them private, just indicate a count of organizations or say how many. There are many types of community organizations such as advocacy groups, social services, non-profits and more..
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How much would information about these topics interest you?
Not interested
Somewhat interested
Very interested
Government (City, State, etc)
Public Safety
What questions do you have about your community?
Are there particular kinds of information that would inform your curiosity, voting, volunteer work, or personal day-to-day?
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Are you collecting information others might find useful?
For example, are you a researcher or part of a non-profit or other organization that collects data about the community?
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Is there anything else you would like to share?
For example, do you have feedback about this survey, other ideas for collecting information, or concerns about this project?
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