Hope House Detroit: Intern Application
Hope House Detroit is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with the youth of our neighborhood offering a wide variety of events, after school programs, and summer activities.
We hope to encourage kids to find a path towards living out a godly life in Christian community in Detroit. Hope House Detroit isn’t just a place, a building, a neighborhood, a street, or even a ministry. It’s God’s real, crazy love unleashed in people. We believe in walking together, talking together, playing together, and praying together.
We are very excited about your interest in a Hope House Detroit Internship!
At Hope House we are committed to Jesus, our neighborhood, our local church, and one another. We serve and live imperfectly and vulnerably in committed Christian community.

Goals: growth in discipleship, servanthood, urban ministry
Broad, intense exposure to urban ministry and Hope House Ministry
10 weeks with no other commitments
$1500 stipend plus possible additional from fundraising, free housing and food
Sunday, June 7, 2020 through Sunday, August 16, 2020
Applications due by May 1, 2020.

The Summer Internship at Hope House Detroit (HHD) is a focused opportunity to advance in discipleship, servanthood, and urban ministry. Following the lead of Jesus, we will move together in a neighborhood setting to know and show His love. At Hope House, we live in community, often opening our doors to children, teens, adults, and visiting groups.

• Daily house devotion and prayer, individual time with God and journaling, living life in community
• Weekly house worship and reflection, local church attendance, and HHD intentional group Biblical study
• Access to individual mentoring
• Practical functions of maintaining a community center and the implications of ongoing hospitality
• Discovery of serving one another in the communal setting
• Exercising watchfulness for serving opportunities in the neighborhood
• Apprenticing with the Servant of all through Scripture and the Spirit
Urban Ministry
• Participating in the ministries of HHD and her partners
• Exposure to other urban ministries and ministers
• Structured group examination of urban ministry content
• Developing a potential ministry plan in response to the heart’s prompting

We are looking for young adults who are interested in (but not limited to):
• Children’s Ministry
• Community Upkeep
• Sports Ministry
• Youth Ministry
• Summer Camp Leadership
• Outdoor Fun Management

• Live in Hope House Detroit
• Follow direction of staff
• Participate in daily Hope House activities
• Communicate with staff, residents, kids, and neighbors
• Nurture personal relationship with God
• Assist where needed
• Maintenance and security of property
• Daily cleaning and chores
• Ministry assignments focused on children and youth (supervision, play, etc. with youth daily)
• Participate in fundraising
• Attend Hope Community Church
• Other responsibilities as assigned

Location: 840 Marlborough St. Detroit, MI 48215
Benefits: Free housing and utilities, Urban/missional living, time off for 4th of July, one day off per week, and one additional weekend off.
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If yes, where, when, and nature of offense:
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Please share your testimony including when and how you accepted Christ. Include some highs and lows of your spiritual walk.
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Please share your church background including general dates.
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Please share some of your previous ministry involvement(s) and training.
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If you are currently active in a local church, list its name, address, phone, how long you have been there, and your areas of current involvement.
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What would you consider to be your gifts and talents (spiritual and natural)?
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What would you consider to be your limitations?
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List some hobbies and interests.
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Please assess yourself in the following areas:
6 - Superior
5 - Very Good
4 - Good
3 - Fair
2 - Weak
1 - Poor
Spiritual maturity
Devotion to Christ
Integrity and honesty
Openness to correction
Willingness to serve
Interpersonal relationships
Taking initiative
Desire to learn
Openness in prayer and worship
Ability to deal with kids
Family life
Working with others
Communication skills
Leadership skills
Physical and emotional health
Love for kids
Passion for Jesus
Going the extra mile
Comments on any of the above:
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What are you hoping to learn from this internship?
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If you are chosen to live at Hope House Detroit, a missional, communal, urban living scenario, what are you excited about? What concerns might you have? How might the Lord use this opportunity to grow you?
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What are your goals/vision for the future? What is your passion?
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List three of your values
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How do you handle interruption during a task? How do you handle stress?
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Because we live together in committed community at Hope House Detroit, how do you see yourself contributing to the mission and community of Hope House?
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Please provide two references who are not related to you.
One from someone familiar with your spiritual development. One familiar with your ministry/service. Please include their name, relationship to you, phone number, email address, and years known.
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Please list any physical, mental, emotional conditions, allergies, etc.
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Please list your latest education level completed:
Include school name, year graduated, degree received, and course of study
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Please list the last three jobs you have held:
Include place, title/role, and length of employment
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Do you have any job experience relevant to this opportunity?
(Children’s Ministry, Sports Ministry, Youth Ministry, Outdoor Fun Management, Cafe Assistant Manager, Kids' Camp Assistant)
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Please rank interest in summer ministry roles:
(Children’s Ministry, Sports Ministry, Youth Ministry, Cafe Assistant Manager, Outdoor Fun Management, Kids' Camp Assistant)
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What is the best book you've read or the best speaker you've heard? Why?
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