Cal HS Tournament -- Round Delay Form
This form is for reporting a LOCKED ROOM, or if a JUDGE or COMPETITOR has not shown up to a debate. For all other inquiries, please visit the help desk located on first floor of Dwinelle Hall, or email us at If there is an event that is still going on in the room you are scheduled to debate in, please wait patiently, or speak to the tournament staff member nearest you.
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Your Phone Number *
This will make it easier for us to contact you quickly in case a change is made. We will not distribute any personal information submitted through this form to an outside party. Please enter WITHOUT dashes, parentheses, etc. (the number should be exactly ten digits)
Your Role *
Your Team Code (if a competitor)
Please make sure this exactly matches the entry as listed on
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Building Name *
Please enter the building name and room number exactly as they appear on your pairing.
Room Number *
Even if you are reporting a locked building, please put the room number for your round.
Flight *
If your event has flights. If it does not (i.e. Varsity Policy), please select "Event Not Flighted."
Problem *
Please note, if the problem is a LOCKED ROOM, please let us know immediately. If a competitor or judge has not shown up, please do not complete this form until the START TIME for the debate has PASSED.
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