Hiland Praise -Questionnaire
Hello, You may have received this questionnaire direct from Brian Robertson or from a friend or colleague.
Hiland Praise would like to ask you to help us with a questionnaire covering Church, Fellowship Faith building and Worship.
We are trying to ascertain the level of isolation and see what can be done to help those in geographically isolated places in the Highlands of Scotland.
Some research was carried out some 10 years ago and I thought it time we sought to find out what it is like now in the Highlands.
Your responses are private and used in an accumulative manner. If you provide your e mail address we will keep it safe and use it only as agreed. We will not share the address with any other organisation. However you should know that Google is the provider of the blog and Google forms where the questionnaire is centred and will have access to the details.

If you have seen this questionnaire, or been sent it from more than one person we ask that you only complete it once. However please feel free to send it to others so they can take part. The more we have the better our spread of results will be.

There are three things we ask,

1 Complete the questionnaire once, (the answers will be anonymous) with the findings being used to shape our work to be more targetted.

2 E mail the link or questionnaire to your Christian friends or those that might be seeking to find out more about Jesus asking them to also take part.

3 Commit to help us help you, More details to follow after the results are analysed.

It should take approximately 4 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Thank you for participating.

Brian Robertson, Hiland Praise
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