2 hour 1:1 custom marketing sessions
Our x2 hour 1:1 custom marketing sessions are spent chatting, mapping everything out together and generally reviewing what you are doing and showing you how you can improve your social media and digital marketing activity in order to grow your business.

We spend some time beforehand reviewing what you are doing. Our custom sessions begin with us sending you a form to fill out for you to map out everything you’d like to achieve in our session / your current challenges / your hopes and dreams for your social media future, and then we get to work so that you can get the most out of your 2 hour session.

And then? Your custom session rolls around, and it’s you / us / our offices / coffee [or tea if you prefer], and a 2 hour session where we dive deep, deep, deep [like seriously, roll up your sleeves!] into your social media marketing.

From there? We’ll follow you online, and our strategists will touch base via e-mail to see how you’re tracking / make sure there aren’t any other queries you need answered [nothing worse than getting home from a custom session and realising that “ I forgot to ask xyz question!”].

Our custom sessions? Well, … they’re more than just a 2 hour 1:1 session, it’s an investment in your business’ marketing strategy.

£150 (excluding VAT).

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