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Volunteers are the life blood of our organization. We have over 50 providers that perform both Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support every day of the week. Those providers are never compensated for their time and effort.

These individuals who donate their time are business professionals, deliverymen, bankers, managers, and such. They could be your next-door neighbor. However, these individuals are trained, tested, and continue to learn the state of the art practices in Emergency Medicine.

Our EMT (Basic Life Support), EMT-I, AEMT and EMT-P (Advanced Life Support) Providers are certified by the State of Virginia.

We have three levels of Membership:

Senior (Junior if under 18) Member - Shall successfully complete an EMT course and CPR course within twelve (12) months of accepted membership or hold current certifications for EMT or EMT/P and Professional CPR/AED. These members must serve a minimum of 32 hours per month, preferable 8 hours per week.

Associate Member - Shall successfully obtain an EMT and CPR certification within twelve (12) months of accepted membership. Any waiver of this requirement must be approved by the Executive Board. These members must serve a minimum of 16 hours per month.

Affiliate - Must be employed in a Public Safety Service capacity, i.e. Police, Fire, etc. These members must serve a minimum of 10 hours per month. EMT / EMT-P Certifications (including Professional CPR/AED) must be current to perform EMT Duties. Current EVOC Certifications must be held in order to be a driver.

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