Online I CAN Programmes for kids and teens in Sudan
Due to school closures, lockdown and social distancing necessary during COVID -19, Design For Change Sudan in partnership with eduSOIL is offering online programmes and campaigns to help kids and teens to feel connected, creative, resilient and motivated during the pandemic and beyond!
Programme Logistics and Pricing
These programmes are offered by experienced teachers and youth facilitators.
Participation is by sign up only with mandatory parental consent.

1. I CAN Connect: 300 SDG per child, for 1.5 hour call ( Whatsapp/Zoom/Skype Hangout - depending on what works best for each group)

If you are an interested parent, you need to:
1. Talk to your child and ask them if they want to join.
2. Ask your child to speak to friends to make a group of minimum 3 and maximum 5 students.
3. Choose a preferred time - slot from below and fill up the mandatory consent form.
4. Wait for a member of our team to get back to you to finalise the schedule and logistics.
5. Make payment for your child
6. Help your child fill up the pre-session survey.
7. Help your child to get online for the session.
8. Help your child fill up the post-session survey.
9. Receive free downloadable toolkits (English/Arabic) to support your child to engage in #21daysofkindness, #climatecareathome and #dogoodfromhome activities.

2. I CAN eLab: 1,000 SDG per child for 4 x 1 hour calls( Whatsapp/Zoom/Skype Hangout - depending on what works best for each group)

Same as above with the difference being that this programme comprises of 4 scheduled calls.

3. I CAN Reconnect: 500 SDG per child, for 2 x 1 hour call ( Whatsapp/Zoom/Skype Hangout - depending on what works best for each group)

Similar to I CAN Connect with differences as follows:
- For students who have participated in Changemaker Programmes and/or the I CAN Global Summit.
- Involves the use of a WhatsApp group to engage students in guided chats about how they can #dogoodfromhome.
- Includes 2 x 1 hour scheduled calls

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We are running three online campaigns with both English and Arabic materials that are free, standalone - and open to adults too!

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