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The Pacific Northwest Association for College Admission Counseling relies on its outstanding members - like you! - to help provide quality programs and resources that allow us to serve our students better.

We are currently seeking PNACAC members to share their wisdom and skills with some key initiatives. Please let us know how you’d like to contribute below.
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2021 Conference Planning Committee
The 2021 Annual Conference will be hosted virtually at the end of April 2021. This year's committee will need to be creative in thinking about how to bring our membership together. The PNACAC Conference Committee is chaired by the President-Elect, and consists of individuals representing the breadth of the membership. The committee will work remotely to plan and meet regularly, virtually. Committee members should be in regular communication with the Conference Chair, Conference and Events Coordinator, and each other regarding status updates, opportunities for collaboration, and to advocate for additional assistance, ideas or needs.
Awards & Recognition Committee
Oster and the Awards & Recognition Committee are seeking volunteers to help review applications for awards and scholarships this next year. This is your chance to get involved and do something fun by recognizing others for all of their hard work! By joining this committee, you will have an opportunity to award $10,000 in scholarship money to college bound students, but also a chance to award some of our own fellow colleagues for their hard work and accomplishments. Questions can be directed to Oster Hernandez, Awards & Recognition Chair at; he will contact you directly if you indicate interest.
Community College & Transfer Advocacy
Community College Relations and Transfer Advocacy Committee is seeking representatives! You can help provide information on the community college sector and share with students the transfer opportunities around the PNACAC region. This is a new committee so our inaugural chair, Melanie Casciato, is looking for help in connecting with community colleges and growing professional development opportunities for the sector to benefit colleagues and students. Questions can be directed to Melanie at
Fundraising Initiatives
Justin is looking for members with experience fundraising for their school or other non-profit organizations, or simply those who are eager to get more involved in PNACAC by assisting in fundraising initiatives that will address PNACAC's mission and strategic plan. Help is needed to establish fundraising protocol and logistics, along with the ongoing efforts to generate corporate donations and the roll-out of our member-driven fundraising initiatives. Questions can be directed to Justin Strohmeyer, Treasurer-Elect, at; he will contact you directly if you indicate interest.
Government Relations Committee
Matt is looking for members to help with monitoring state legislation that impacts access and affordability of college education in the PNACAC region. Currently the Government Relations Committee has one representative each from Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Ideally we would like representation from multiple members in all five states. Members help to monitor legislation in their state and work with the Government Relations Chair on how to take action to support college access and affordability. Questions can be directed to Matt Allen at; he will contact you directly if you indicate interest.
Membership Committee
Stephen and the Membership Committee need your help in the coming year. If you are interested in discussing and dissecting how PNACAC serves its high school members, we want to hear your perspectives! As an organization, we seek to find better ways to meet the needs of high schools serving rural and low SES populations, as well as public high schools and schools in Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. This task force will meet remotely several times throughout the 2020-2021 school year: it's a small commitment of time that can have a huge impact on our professional community. Questions can be directed to Stephen Russell at; he will contact you directly if you indicate interest.
Professional Development Committee
Sarah, Sydney, and the Professional Development Committee are seeking volunteers. There are two areas in which volunteers are needed: Webinar support and Entry Level Bootcamp volunteers. 1) The Webinar Committee will assist the professional development co-chairs during the monthly webinars PNACAC will begin hosting in the Fall. No prior webinar experience is necessary, though a basic understanding of Zoom is helpful. Note: this is not volunteering to present a webinar (though that's an option) but rather to serve behind the scenes as a moderator, panelist, or responding to Q&A/chats during the webinar. 2) The Admissions Entry Level Bootcamp is set to launch in the summer of 2021, there are multiple areas towards which a volunteer can contribute (presenter, part of the organizing committee, etc.). Questions can be directed to Sarah Seeborg and Sydney Montgomery at; they will contact you directly if you indicate interest in either committee.
Social Media Task Force
Max is looking for members to help serve on the Social Media Task Force. This group will work collaboratively to collect, generate, and share interesting and relevant content from around the region with membership on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, they will brainstorm innovative and new ways to engage with members on our digital platforms to ensure our organization best meets the needs of our constituents. PNACAC spans nearly a million square miles, and is home to an incredibly diverse range of communities, schools, and individuals, each with an important story to share. Your voice is important; the more representation PNACAC can offer from across the region, the better! Questions can be directed to Max Hamberger at; he will contact you directly if you indicate interest.
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