Winter's Hollow 2016 - Blogger Application

Winter's Hollow is a dark winter themed shopping market in Second Life.

As the seasons change to winter many forget of the dark magic of this season. This event is to bring to light those of us that still like it spooky even in the happy holiday cheer of Christmas. All blogger styles are welcome but priority will be shown to those that dabble and enjoy blogging styles of witchcraft, Goth, Victorian, magic, whimsical, dark Christmas and spookiness in general.

This event is an intimate shopping market with max 24 Quality Quality Designers.

Please note this is not a horror event. A little blood splattered snow is ok but don't go overboard. Think more winter magic and beauty with a twist of the dark side mixed in.

Theme: Winter, Witchcraft, Gothic, Solstice, Victorian, Dark Christmas

*** Blogger Rules & Requirements ***

1. Bloggers are free to choose what they would like to blog for this event but we do expect at least 3 posts from each blogger.
2. One of the 3 posts must be a special feature of the event to help promote the event as a whole.
3. All blogging questions should be directed to Shari Cortes
4. You will be provided an event logo and be expected to use it in posts or in your listed event sponsors (if you list them)
5. For this fair we will accept a minimum of 12 bloggers. This is a smaller intimate gathering of 24 designers.
6. It is the Designers choice to place their item in the blogger room or not please do not ask any designers for their items.
7. There may be free gifts of the designers choosing for the "Solstice Tree" feel free to promote these as well.
8. If accepted you will need a space for the Dark Passions land group. It will be sent to you if you are selected.
9. We do not guarantee that everyone who applies will be accepted. Only the accepted bloggers will be contacted.

*** Important Dates ***
30th November - Application deadline
7th - 13th December - Designer Set up
14th December - Blogger Room Open (Designers may post them earlier during the Setup)
16th December, 12pm (Noon) Slt - Winter's Hollow Begins
3rd January, 12pm (Noon) Slt - Winter's Hollow Ends

Hope you will join us!
~ Event Blogger Manager: Shari Cortes ~
~ Event Owner: Bcreative Wilde ~

*** Special note: this event will be held on mainland. I just thought I should warn you in case you dislike events on mainland.***

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