Virtual Salon Performance Series Application
The Virtual Salon Performance Series is a showcase of original artistic works-in-progress with a facilitated audience response portion.

Your portion of the event will include presenting a 10-minute excerpt of a work-in-progress and participating in 10 minutes of audience feedback on your work.

*The performance will be hosted on Zoom. Each performer must play their own audio from their device.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the performers to invite an audience to attend, as we do not guarantee an audience independent of that. We encourage you to bring 15-20 audience members to attend.

The performance is Donation-Based.
To receive the Zoom link, guests must make a donation using one of the following platforms:
Venmo: Mark-DeGarmo-2
(We will send the Zoom link to attendees at 4PM ET the night of the performance. If you make a donation after that time, the MDD staff will send the Zoom link to your email as soon as possible.)

Doors open at 6:45PM
All Salon Performance Series will begin at 7pm.

Performers will receive:
-A digital flyer
-Invitation to co-host the event on FB
-Video of your showing.

We appreciate your application, and though we are unable to provide any cash support, we hope this will serve as a joyful, well publicized & marketed event with in-kind benefits to help you as you develop your work!

Please answer the questions to your best ability. All answers will support the production of the performance.

*As of now all performances will be hosted on Zoom. Mark DeGarmo Dance is closely monitoring the COVID-19 guidance and following the social distancing guidelines. Please note that depending on the opening updates, there may be an opportunity for an in-person component in MDD Studio Theater 310 at The Clemente.

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All Salon Performance Series will begin at 7pm
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