MJE Fellowship 2020
*Application due August 31, 2019. All candidates must schedule an in-person interview.
For more information email Rabbi Pinny Rosenthal: rabbipin@jewishexperience.org
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II. JEWISH EDUCATION (School, Camp, Youth Groups)
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Please share with us your previous Jewish education. Include the name, location, years attended, and subjects studied in your response. (No prior Jewish education is required to apply for this program, this is for informational use only) *
Please Include: 1. Your resume and/or an employment history to this application 2. A 2-3 line bio of yourself. (Write it in your own style– you may want to include where you’re from, went to college or do professionally and/or your hobbies/passions. It may be used for promotional and fundraising purposes and to help fellows get to know each other) *
Please answer the following question. Your response should be at least one full paragraph and up to one page in length. Why are you interested in applying for the MJE Fellowship Program? How do you hope to gain from this experience? *
*Applications must be received no later than August 31, 2019. Admissions will be made on a rolling basis beginning June 1, 2019.*Applicants must be young Jewish professionals between the ages of 20-39.Applicants must have an MJE educator who recommends them for acceptance into one of the 20 available spots.MJE does not discriminate on grounds of race, sex, or marital status, condition of handicap or national origin. The Fellowships will run from September 2019 through the Israel trip in August 2020. Fellows must commit to participating in the full program, including the weekly Wednesday classes, the monthly seminars, the two shabbatons, the spring retreat and the Israel trip. Every applicant must meet with an MJE staff member for a Fellowship interview. Prior to that interview, Fellows will receive a full list of Fellowship benefits and requirements. Applications will not be considered complete until applicants sign that they understand and agree with all details. *
Thanks for applying to the MJE Fellowship! Our questions are designed to elicit meaningful information about your ability to get the most out of your Fellowship year. But we may not have the whole story. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you? Please share below!
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