Virtual Personal Training application
Thank you for registering for our fabulously affordable Virtual Personal Training. Your program will usually start on the Monday following the date we receive all your paperwork back, or at a date specified by you at least 7 days from then and up to a month in the future. We will send you some fitness testing instructions before then (if this is appropriate to your situation), however, which we need to you complete as soon as you can so we can use the data to plan your exercise sessions.

Accessing your training this way bypasses the overheads of 1:1 training including booking a time slot with a trainer, plus building costs etc etc. This is the future of personal training that will make fitness affordable for everyone!

Our goal is to make fitness accessible to all, regardless of your residential location or family income, therefore we can offer programs tailored to suit home workouts, or programs tailored to you to take with you when you go to the gym, plus an extensive bespoke service in addition to that, including nutrition support if needed.
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