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MENDAKI with Solve Education! is putting up a fantastic e-Challenge during this Holiday month!

The Dawn of Civilization game that you would be playing is designed specifically to make learning fun, directed, and engaging to suit different types of learners best aged between 3 - 8 years old. The game includes 30,000+ teaching materials.

Play it for FREE today, ONLINE and OFFLINE.

Registration for this Challenge is now OPEN but do note that points will only be taken in from 6th June 2022 onwards.

Develop Your City
• Work as a mayor and develop your city using your wildest imagination!
• Expand your land and grow your city.
• Unlock unique landmarks and buildings to improve your citizens’ happiness level.
• Visit your neighboring cities and do fun stuff there.

Personalized Learning Journey
• Take a diagnostic test to determine your personalized learning path.
• Learn big concepts through micro-concepts.
• Acquire knowledge and skills effectively through our spaced repetition model.

You will be able to track your child personal learning progress through the Learnalytics Report Card !

Attractive prizes to be won!
First Prize      : SGD$500.00 worth of vouchers*
Second Prize : SGD$200.00 worth of vouchers*
Third Prize     : SGD$100.00 worth of vouchers*
4th to 10th     : SGD$50.00 worth of vouchers

*Players need to achieve a minimum of 800 pts and above to be eligible for the Top 3 Prizes.

Most Improve player of the week :
SGD$100.00 x 3 worth of vouchers

Weekly “Golden Hour” lucky draw :
SGD$50.00 x 3 worth of vouchers

LIVE updates of the score table can be found here from 7 June 2021 ->

How to take part

1) Fill in the registration below.
2) We will share the link to download the App and further details at the end of registration.
3) Install DoC app and play, don't forget to register and name your child with the prefix YM infront of their name in the game platform.

Kindly note ONLY registered players which have the prefix YM in front of their in game Mayor name would be eligible to take part in the Challenge.

How to play and win

1) Play the mini-game, aim to achieve a minimum of 800 points so that it would put you in the running for the Winner's Table. The top 3 in the Winner's Table will be rank by the highest points at the end of the Challenge. Try to top the table with other YM participants!
2) You need to succeed at least 50% in the mini games.
3) Collect as many "tickets" or "stars' as possible.
4) For “Most Improve player of the week”, player with the highest total score for the week will be eligible. 1 winner will be chosen per week. Do note, the top 3 for the Challenge will not be eligible.
5) For the weekly “Golden Hour” category, participant that clocks a minimum of one hour of that particular week on the DoC will be eligible for a lucky draw regardless of minimum points/star attained, so everybody stands a chance!

Terms and Conditions
1. Only participants that have registered here and has a YM prefix before their in-game Mayor name in the app will be eligible for the Challenge
2. Participants must include their contact number both below and in-game (for verification and identification purpose)
3. Participants are encouraged to link their account with a valid e-mail/ Facebook.
4. No limit on the number of accounts per family. "Family" by definition would include extended (Cousins, etc) and blended families (siblings from different parents, etc) as long as they have their own account
5. In the event that not all the 3 spots on the Winner's Table is filled (i.e player did not attain the minimum 800 pts), the player with the next highest points will stand to win the consolation prize.
6. Competition will end on 24 June 2022 at 5PM.
7. Winners will be informed thereafter.
8. Only the top 3 participants in the Winner's Table will be eligible for the top 3 prizes.
9. All winners from all category will be decided by YM based on the data and the decision is final.


Spread the knowledge, if you know of anyone with children within 3 - 8 years old that might benefit from this game, do recommend them to take part.

A little more about the game
1) Is it necessary that I have the letters YM in front of my Mayor Name and City
YES as you would be easily identified in the YM x SE! Challenge when you have YM in front of your Mayor Name and City, it must also be in capital letters.

2) I'm skipping the notification for upgrading account, now I cannot upgrade my account to online account. Help.
Open Setting > Reset Email > Enter your real email there. That way your account will become online account.

3) Why my account name did not appear in the challenge standing?
Upgrade your account to online account by connecting it to Facebook and/or enter your email to the game. Can be done from setting menu.

4) I want to win! How to get the Learning Tickets?
Keep playing the mini-games. You will get a learning ticket when you receive at least 2 cards after completing a mini-game

5) How can i check my standings?
You will be updated on the url with real time standing here -

6) Can my other siblings play too?
Of course, each family can have as many accounts, as long as they have an android phone or tablet. in other words, each gadget can have their own account to play.

7) How to input my Learnalytics Code?
When registering your account, click on "Have a Learnalytics Code?" and add "YM" as the Learnalytics code, OR open settings, click General, Click Learnalytics and add "YM" as the Learnalytics code

Take part in the YM x SE! Challenge
If you are keen to take part, please do fill in your name below and what would be your "Mayor Name" in the game. Remember you need to have the word "YM" in front of your Mayor's Name for us to track.  
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