A Gorilla World
Answer the first question (below) regarding the distribution of Gorillas around the world by using the attached map. Then head to the Gorilla exhibit to get ideas to help you answer the rest of the questions.
Field Lab - Range of Eastern and Western Gorillas
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1. In Your own words describe the distribution of Gorillas. Mention the Range and Concentration of both species of Gorillas *
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2. Based on your observations note which behavior you see most often in the gorillas and hypothesize how it is connected to their distributions or range. *
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Map Lab - Range of the Western and Eastern Gorillas
View the interactive webmap (https://arcg.is/1eePbK) showing the Gorilla's Range and answer the following series of questions.
3. Which species of Gorilla is more endemic (native or restricted to a certain country or area)? Explain your reasoning. *
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4. Which biome are gorillas more adapt for living in? Use information from the interactive map and your observations in explaining your answer. *
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