Liminil: Psychologist Research
We understand this is a personal questionnaire, and would like to reassure you that all responses are completely anonymous. Please share whatever you're comfortable sharing with us. We've created this survey to better understand obstacles one faces when establishing and managing their practice and clients. Your responses will be reviewed judgment-free, with empathy, and a willingness to understand the obstacles you face. If you'd like to reach out or have further questions, please email
How do you identify?
Please select your age group.
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What kind of area is your practice located in?
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How long have you been a practicing mental health professional? (if you're a student practicing under supervision, please write-in in the "other" option!)
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What types of therapy do you offer?
What types of frameworks and treatment approaches do you use in your practice?
Do you take insurance?
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If you do accept insurance, which ones?
Which groups do you treat?
In starting your practice, what was most difficult? Select all that apply.
In *maintaining* your practice, what was/is most difficult? Select all that apply.
Which of the following solutions have you tried?
What hasn't worked with the solutions you've already tried?
Personally, what is most challenging about being a therapist?
What, if any, solutions have you tried to address the personal challenges you've marked above?
What hasn't worked with the solutions you've already tried for your personal challenges?
What, if anything would be most helpful in addressing personal challenges you face?
In your experience, what are the biggest obstacles patients face in finding mental healthcare? Select up to three.
In your experience, what is the most effective form of treatment for clients? Please select up to two.
In your experience, what three qualities should someone look for in a therapist when searching for a good one?
Is there anything else you'd like to share?
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