Integrated Skills Program 2
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L3T2H - Building conversations
In this lesson, you're going to practise asking and answering conversation questions about famous people.
Task One: Let's do a quiz with some words to help us talk about today's topic. Choose the best word or words to complete each sentence.
1. A _____ is a famous person.
Clear selection
2. It’s my dream to visit China, and one _____ I’ll go there.
Clear selection
3. An _____ is a benefit.
Clear selection
4. _____ is an evening meal.
Clear selection
5. Conversations about people’s private lives are _____ .
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6. One _____ of living in a big city is the bad traffic.
Clear selection
7. I’ve watched a lot of clips about UFOs on YouTube, but I’ve never seen one in real _____.
Clear selection
8.  My mum and dad always watch the ____ on TV at 6pm.
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Task Two: Watch the video and practise answering the questions.
Task Three: Choose the right words to complete the five questions.
1. Who’s _____ favourite celebrity? Why?
Answer: I like Beyoncé the most because she’s a great singer.
2. Would you like _____ famous one day?
Answer: Yes, I would.
3. What are the downsides _____ being a celebrity?
Answer: The downsides are gossip and a loss of freedom.
4. Do you _____ news and gossip about celebrities? Why?
Answer: Yes, I do because their lives are exciting.
5. _____ you ever seen a celebrity in real life? Who?
Answer: Yes, I once saw Daniel Radcliffe.
Task Four: Sam is asking Jennifer some questions about famous people. Choose the best answers for Jennifer.
1. Where do you look when you want to find news and gossip about celebrities?
Clear selection
2. Which celebrity do you not like at all? Why?
Clear selection
3. Which three celebrities would you most like to have dinner with? Why?
Clear selection
4. What are the advantages of being a celebrity?
Clear selection
5. Have you ever met a celebrity in real life? Who?
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Task Five: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own ideas.
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