Caribou Coffee Store Safety Survey  #2
This is the second anonymous survey being conducted by workers in the Caribou Coffee Company.
Caribou Coffee Corporate has said that they are protecting workers, but it is clear that they are protecting their profits. We want to assess the situation in stores now and tell the true story of what is happening to workers in our stores.

Please complete the form below to help us assess the safety of your location.
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Are you a Caribou Coffee Worker? *
What is your position or title at your store? *
Pandemic Response
Please share how your Caribou store is responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Is it possible to enact 6ft social distancing in your job right now?  
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Have you observed more than 5 customers at a time in your store (since March 18th)?
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Do you feel safe in your store?
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Were you provided a mask and gloves at work by May 4th?
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If your store received PPE (gloves, masks, etc.), when did you receive it?
If you received a mask and gloves, do they fit properly?
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Do you have a washer and dryer to properly wash your mask between shifts?
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Does your store have adequately stocked cleaning and personal sanitation supplies ?
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Have you or a coworker reported experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or exposure to someone with Covid-19 symptoms to management?
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If yes: How did Caribou Coffee Management respond?
Are there daily (or every-shift) wellness checks at your store conducted by management?
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If you are unable to find a person to cover your shift when sick, are you still given the option to stay home?
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Is there anything you'd like to address at your store?
Wages and PTO
Please share some information about wages and PTO.
Have you ever received a yearly raise (not including minimum wage increases)?
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What is your current hourly wage?
What city is your Caribou Coffee location located in? *
Have you ever discovered you were being paid less than a new hire for the same position?
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Would you like to accrue PTO based on hours worked regardless of full time/ part time status?
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Would wage transparency across the company and equitable wages for each job benefit you?
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Would you like to see Caribou implement a company wide sick pay policy separate from PTO that would allow you to accrue sick time to use for appointments, mental health needs, and medical emergencies?
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Have you been told by a manager not to share Caribou worker petitions or join the Caribou Coffee Workers Movement (CCWM)?
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Have you experienced intimidation or retaliation for voicing concerns about your workplace? If yes, please explain:
Join The Caribou Coffee Workers Movement
If you would like to connect with other Caribou workers, please share your contact information with us.
This movement was started by ONE CARIBOU WORKER and it has grown one by one. This movement has been built by and depends on workers like us claiming our leadership: Join the Caribou Coffee Workers Movement!
(Your information will remain anonymous and only be used to connect you with other workers who are involved in the Caribou Coffee Workers Movement)
Phone number
Store Location and Number:
Will you join our socially-distant car action on Monday, May 18, at 1pm? (If yes: please register for the action:
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