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This helps us serve, customize and support you, our members.
The longer you continue the survey, the more thankful and giving we will be back! (this is ONLY for us to see, don't worry). Tell us about yourself (or, if a gift, the person receiving ACW gear). This part helps us connect with you...
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So, what brought you to our website? How did you find us? *
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What are a few intended uses for products you bought or are interested in? *
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If you could add anything to our service or website (items, resources, interaction etc), or have suggestions, what would they be?
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What places do you live, travel/visit the most?
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#4: Are you an "outside-the-box" thinker/ problem solver or DIY type?
#5: What creative uses for every-day items do you have? ( any specific common item you have re-purposed?) Example, "made a lock pick from a paper clip" etc
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#6: Could you name a few of your favorite subject matters, musical selections, colors, foods, animals, movies/novels, environments, sports, hobbies etc?
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#7: On a scale of 1 to 5...
1 Lacking
5 Strong
general self-reliance
My preparedness for daily inconveniences
My preparedness for disaster
my ability to survive off the grid
Ability to adapt and use surroundings
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Why?
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We may offer replacements/promo's for any ACW items you use along your adventures. Send in your story along with any pictures of the items (We may share) to:( Or tag us on the Instagram (@acw_tactical).
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