ASN's Scion Collection Form
First, a huge thank you from the 100% volunteer-driven Agrarian Sharing Network, and welcome to our scion-collection form - our primary tool for learning who among us is collecting what, and for determining how we might best share scion among ourselves.

Please use this form to tell us about the fruit-tree cuttings you are collecting to share at one or more of our propagation fairs.

We will not use or share your information for any purpose except for verifying scion information, and to confirm with you the best way to help you share your collected scion with others.

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Storing scion well: Scion stored poorly will be lost. Please check out our primer on ensuring the material you have collected will remain vital and healthy until grafting time.
The second part of this ASN video on scion collection focuses on the specifics of storing scion well.
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