Galactic Astrometrics & Nexus of Jump-points Fleet Registration and Member Survey
Using this form will help us in finding you the correct place in GANJ, a corporation in the universe of Star Citizen.
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The only required sections are your RSI Handle and the ships in your personal fleet.
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Fleet Roster
Please select the ships you own. If you own multiple ships of the same model, please let us know at the bottom.
Only select ships that you have already purchased.
DO NOT select ships that are included with another ship (P-52 for Constellation, 85X for 890 Jump, etc) unless you have purchased another on the side.
Tumbril Craft
Roberts Space Industries Ships
Origin Jumpworks Ships
Aegis Dynamics Ships
Drake Interplanetary Ships
Anvil Aerospace Ships
Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern (MISC) Ships
Kruger Notice:
Please only select a Kruger ship if you bought it, not if you have one from a Constellation.
Kruger Intergalactic Ships
Consolidated Outland Ships
Crusader Industries Ships
Esperia Ships
ARGO Astronautics Ships
Xi'an Ships
Banu Ships
Do you own any duplicate ships?
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