[Ontario] Adoption application
Make sure you answer all the details. The more details you give us, it is much easier to make decision for us to find a perfect match. If there is not enough details, we might chose another because of lack of information.
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Name of dog that prompted you to apply (If you are on the waiting list, leave this empty.)
Where did you find this dog's ad?
What is the reason you chose this dog?
Do you want to put your name on the waiting list if you are not selected as an adopter of this dog?
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From which location are  you applying?
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Please tell us about yourself.
First and Last name | Age | Occupation (previous if retired)
If you have any social media such as facebook, instagram etc, please share with us.
Please explain your financial plan to support this dog.
Please tell us about the people in your household including yourself and your family. If there are tenants/renters/landlords in the same house, please include their info as well.
First and Last name | Age | Occupation | Relationship
How long have you been considering the adoption of a rescue dog?
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Vet clinic name and phone number
If you don't have one, don't worry. This won't affect the final decision.
What kind of dog is the best fit for you? (sex, energy level, age, weight)
Are you or any of your family members allergic to dogs? Have you all tried to coming into contact with a dog to see if there is any allergic reaction?
Do you own your house?
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Is your backyard fully fenced? How tall and what type of fence is it?
If you are renting, dos your landlord allow pets? Please provide the landlord's name and contact info.
Please give us an outline of what a typical day looks like for you.
Please share how you or your family member's daily routines would accommodate a dog.
Do you have a plan to move outside of Canada? If so, how do you plan to move with your dog? Please share the detail.
Have you had a rescue dog in the past? Or have you ever fostered a rescue dogs? If so, please share any challenges you've faced or describe your previous experience.
Have you had any pets including a dog from a breeder in the past? What happened to this pet and how did it end?
Have you or your family ever euthanized, re-homed or surrendered your dog or your family dog? Please share your story. We understand that each situation is different and we want to understand what helped you come to that decision.
Do you have any trips or life changes planned within the next 6 months? If so, we recommend to you to wait and then re-apply when you are ready.
Do you have children under 10 years old? Will the children in your home take part in caring for dog? Will they be home alone with the dog? How will you ensure this is a safe environment for the children & your dog? Please share with us how you plan to make the dog and your children get along with each other.
Do all members of your household agree to adopting?
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Who is the main caregiver? Is this dog going to be shared between two or more individuals? If the decision was made to split up and go your separate ways, what would happen to the dog? Has this been discussed?
If something happen to the main caregiver, what is your plan for this dog. Please share the emergency contact info (name, phone number, mobile phone number, address, home address.)
Please list the names, breeds, and ages of all pets currently in your home and tell us a little more about them (personality traits, exposure to other animals.) Also share your plan how to introduce a new dog to your pets.
Are you open to hire a behaviourist if you encounter any issue with a new dog?
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If you are a student, please share your plan how to afford vet, dog food, training fee etc.
Where will this dog will live, and where this dog spend most of day time?
Where will this dog sleeping at night?
Please explain more what daily routine this dog going to have.
When you are away on a trip, what is your plan for the dog?
How often do you plan to walk the dog and for how long?
How often will you take the dog to a vet? Approximately how much do you expect to spend per year on this dog for regular/routine vet care?
There might be unexpected and expensive vetting because of emergency case or disease etc. Please share with us if you have any plan to solve this issue.
How much do you expect to spend a month on non-vetting expenses? (food, trainers, dog walkers or boarding, grooming, treats or toys, city licence, etc)
What would you do if somehow the dog escaped and you lost track of them?
Please share your plan for the first week after the dog arrives to your house.
How would you build a bond with this dog?
If the dog make mistake, how would you correct the dog's behaviour?
Most rescue dogs have been through a lot of stress & instability. We emphasize routine and training with positive reinforcement and without the unnecessary use of harsh leash corrections, choke collars, and hitting. Do you agree with this?
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We require all the adopters to use a martingale collar and not to use a retractable leash until this dog build a trust with you. Do you agree with this?
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Are you willing to share any details about this dog's happy life with us?
Monthly checkup by email or sharing by SNS
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If you answered above question 'yes', do you agree we post the pictures and video on our website or Social Media Platform?
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What dog food are you going to buy?
What dog food were you purchasing for your previous dog? or for your current dog?
There is a testing period after the adoption is approved. Until we give you the adoption certification, the dog still belongs to E.P dog rescue. If any accidents happen, it will be at your cost. Do you agree with this?
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We have a safety guide to follow. Do you agree to follow this guide. If there is some issue and you can't follow the guide, you should discuss with us and we will give you a new guide. Do you agree with this?
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If you don't follow our safety guide or if you don't give us the dog's update, your adoption can be cancelled. Do you agree with this?
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The dog's breed and age is based on our best guess or advice by a vet. We don't guaranteed this information. Are you ok with this?
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If you want to surrender or rehome this dog, do you agree that you return this dog to us?
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If you lost this dog, would you agree to notify us and follow our guide to find this dog?
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If you want to share more about you, or your plan about this dog, please let us know.
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