Welland Rivers Trust - River Interaction Survey
Understanding river & freshwater engagement in the Welland catchment. The data collected by the Welland Rivers Trust will be used to improve our services as we better understand the engagement of local residents with their water environment.
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Which of the following rivers and freshwater bodies (reservoirs etc.) have you visited in the last 12 months? Please select all that apply to you. *
Which of the following activities do you usually do when visiting your river(s) and freshwater body(ies)? Please select all that apply to you. *
On average, how many times do you visit your river(s) and freshwater body(ies) in a month? *
Which option(s) best describe the barriers/challenges preventing you from engaging with your local rivers & freshwater bodies more often? Please select all that apply to you. *
How often do you engage with digital content related to rivers and the freshwater environment? *
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