White Rose Quarter Midget Klash 2018
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Who: All quarter midget racers are welcome! Sign up quickly. We only have room for 200 cars. First come first serve! Email honeybrookspeedway@gmail.com with any questions.

What: An indoor quarter midget race that will be put on by the families and friends of Honey Brook Speedway.

Where: The York Expo Center Located at 334 Carlisle Ave, York, PA 17404.

When: Saturday March 24th and Sunday March 25th

Why: To have a fun time! This race will serve as a warm-up to the outdoor season! It’ll be plenty competitive, but the Honey Brook Speedway staff will make sure you have a relaxing weekend of racing!

The Race: This race will use the double heat race format. Line up for the first one based on pill pull. Invert the lineup for the second round of heat races and go again. Passing points will be awarded for both heat races. The exact formula will be provided to you at sign ins. The feature will line up heads up based on passing points. There will be a round of practice before racing on Saturday.

Additional race details will be posted on our Facebook page and website closer to the event. Please complete a new registration form for each driver. $40 entry per car

Early registration encouraged to help us plan for awards, etc.

There will be a 200 car limit to the event and 3 cars max per driver.

2018 White Rose Quarter Midget Klash Rules

All participants must sign that they have read and will abide by these rules.
USAC engine rules
USAC car rules
Tire Rules
Hoosier D30 or A35 NY1 right side are the approved compounds
Left side tires must be a currently manufactured tire by Hoosier. Any compound and size may be used on the left side (Appendix 1 703-F 2017 USAC rulebook)
Tire samples may be taken at any point during the event
Tires must be in As manufactured condition
No grinding, disfiguring, chemical covering or permanent altering of sidewall
No covering of compound number. Must be easily visible at scales when checked by a DQMRC official
No tire tread replacement permitted
Tire warmers not permitted.
Durometer readings may be compared to a measurement benchmark at any time
DQMRC reserves the right to change the tire competition guidelines at any time without prior notice.
Absolutely no tire treatments of any kind may be applied to tires. If found doing so, you will be disqualified from the event and unable to race the rest of the weekend.
Raceivers will be used and every driver must wear one on the track

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White Rose Quarter Midget Klash 2018
I understand there will be a $40 fee per car registered for the event. Payment will be expected before racing can begin. Cash or check only made payable to DQMRC. Northeast Motorsports Expo will be charging a per person show fee. You may visit their website to learn more about the show at nemotorsportsexpo.com *
I have read and agree to abide by the 2018 White Rose Quarter Midget Klash rules. *
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