GOES-R Series Research Mesoscale Domain Sector (MDS) Requests
If you would like to place a MDS request for research activities, please complete the form below. The information will be sent to NESDIS/OSPO/SPSD User Services Coordinators who will coordinate with you directly regarding the request. Requests should be made at least 10 working days in advance of the desired MDS activation to allow ample time for coordination.

If there is no critical weather day in effect or a significant, forecasted weather phenomenon, the research request should be honored. Please note that Research request time durations are subject to change or may be cancelled to support operations. The User Services Coordinator or a representative from the NESDIS Satellite Analysis Branch, will be in contact with the requester until the request has been satisfied.

Once this form has been submitted, a User Services Coordinator will be in touch via the email address you provide.
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