SAVP Anonymous Report Form
NOTE: Information included in this form goes privately to Nicole Wong (, Director of the Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention Office at Vassar College. No further action will be taken after receiving this form unless requested.
The following form collects information on incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship abuse, or stalking. Anonymous reports are used to gather information about incidents of sexual assault and violence at Vassar College, and compiled data are used to inform the community about our campus climate.

If you would like to speak privately to a SART advocate now, please call (845) 437-7333 and ask for SART. Advocates are on call 24/7 and can provide information, support, and resources.

All students are encouraged to formally report any incidents to Vassar College's Safety and Security Department (845-437-7333) or Title IX Coordinator (Rachel Pereira; 845-437-5334), as well as the Town of Poughkeepsie Police (911 o4 845-485-3666) if they wish to do so.

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*Non-responsible employees* may file this report anonymously. *Responsible employees should file a formal report with the Title IX office.
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