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Events are open to both undergraduates and graduates.

Do take note that Orientation signups will close on 2 August 2019.

You can submit more than one response so if you change your mind, just resubmit this form or let us know :-)
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I would like to attend Freshers' Tea *
Details: 16 Aug 2019, 3.15-5pm, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
I would like to attend Orientation Camp *
Date: 23 to 25 Aug 2019; more details (cost, location, time, etc.) will be provided on the Freshers' Group
I would like to attend Warwick Summer Games *
Details: 31 Aug 2019, TBC (Warwick Summer Games is an annual inter-UK universities sports competition held in Singapore, organised by Warwick SingSoc. It is a day where students come together for a day of friendship, sportsmanship, and friendly competition)
I would like to attend UK Bound *
Details: 7 Sep 2019, TBC (UK Bound is an annual inter-UK universities event held in Singapore, organised by Imperial College London's Singapore Society. This year's event would be a Laser Tag Event with attractive prizes)
Any Questions/Comments
e.g. Urgent queries about Cambridge, the UK, colleges, packing, your course, etc. that we can try to address to you/ in the Freshers' Guide/ at the Freshers' Tea.
Dietary Requirements
If you are attending either the Freshers’ Tea or Orientation Camp
Your Interests:
CUMSA families are a thing in which seniors (us) get married and adopt kids (you), usually if they are of similar courses/colleges, so you can ask your parents anything. Let us know your interests so we can find the right family for you! :)
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