Faculty members in the UTC Psychology Department are dedicated teachers who make the educational development of students their top priority. They have created a curriculum that not only helps students to master essential competencies in psychology, but also encourages them to be enthusiastic about learning and to maintain a life-long commitment to personal growth.

At the undergraduate level, a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree gives students a sophisticated grounding in the processes and discoveries of the scientific method as it is used in contemporary Psychology. A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree gives other students an opportunity to explore psychological issues using non-scientific methodologies. The attractiveness of these degree programs is apparent in the fact that Psychology is among the most popular majors on campus. Many of our B.S. and B.A. graduates move directly into business or public service. These graduates have the enhanced opportunities for success that are associated with a strong liberal arts education. Other majors graduate with a B.S. degree and enter graduate programs in psychology. They pursue careers in applied psychological areas like Industrial/Organizational, Clinical, and School Psychology or in basic scientific areas like Social. Developmental, and Personality Psychology. Some of our B.A. graduates also pursue more advanced programs of study, with some, for example, moving on to seminary.