Grand TUA Merchant Application
The Arts & Science Championship and the Grand TUA of the Kingdom of Avacal will take place on the University of Saskatchewan campus on the long weekend of May. If you wish to apply for free space for merchanting on either May 18 or 19 or both, please complete this application.
(Please note that if you do not receive an email copy of your responses, then I will not either. Please email me if this happens to you.)
Yours in Service,
Krescentia von Helfenstein of the Barony of Myrgan Wood
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1. Your name in the modern world. *
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2. Your SCA name if you have one, or a Medieval sounding name for this event (SCA rules dictate that actual names can not be posted on official websites) *
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3. Your SCA number (preference will be given to SCA members who apply by May 5).
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4. Your merchant shoppe name, if you have one.
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5. A description of your trade goods in 30 words or less. *
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6. Choose the space you desire, in lineal feet. *
7. The day/s your shoppe will be open. *
8. Your email for contact by the Merchant Steward. *
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9. Supply an email and/or website and Facebook address for your shoppe that you would like listed on the website. (optional)
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