The Hideout Theatre Diversity Scholarship Application
The Hideout Theatre is thrilled to announce our Diversity Scholarship Program. The program is aimed at increasing our diversity of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability. Students of all experience levels are encouraged to apply. The scholarships are open to those who have never studied at The Hideout, as well as to those who have partially completed the program.

If selected, you will receive tuition to a full six-week session of any level of our classes. If after that session, you wish to continue, you may reapply for the next level. If awarded a scholarship, you must select the class session to redeem it for within 30 days, or reapply.

As the Hideout's classes all start on different dates throughout the year, scholarships are awarded on an ongoing basis. We simply ask that you apply for the scholarship at least two weeks prior to the session you wish to take.

We understand that scholarships are only a part of the equation when it comes to increasing the breadth of representation at the theater. It is our hope that decreasing the financial barrier of entry for those who will contribute to the diversity of our student population will lead to a greater variety of experiences in our performer base and theatre community.

Our scholarship program is not explicitly need-based, and we will not ask you financial questions. However, we ask that applicants consider their own financial situation when deciding to submit, so that the award can be given to those who might not otherwise be able to benefit from our classes.

Our specific goal is to award at least one scholarship award per level one offered. Goals for the higher levels will be set as we learn more about the interest in this program.
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