Berkshire Young Singer of the Year 2020 - Entry Form
Berkshire Young Singer of the Year 2020 Competition is open to any student aged 19 or below on 31 August 2020, who is a resident of Berkshire, studying at a Berkshire School or receiving instrumental tuition within the county of Berkshire. Please complete this entry form to apply for the competition.
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Round 1 in Windsor will take place on Saturday 9 November; Round 1 in the other locations will take place on Saturday 23 November.
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During the competition we will be taking photos/video for use in our publicity (i.e. website, social media, printed leaflets/posters/brochures, press, amongst others) to promote the competition and the work that we do. The local media also take an interest in the competition final and often journalists attend to take photos and write a news article about the finalists and winners. Before we or they take any images of you/your children we ask for your consent to both take and use such images. Please indicate your consent below. You may withdraw this consent at any future date in writing by e-mailing us at The copyright of all images that we take will be held by Berkshire Maestros; the copyright of images taken by the press will be held by the individual publications who took them. N.B. Under GDPR regulations, young people of THIRTEEN years or older must give consent for themselves – parents/carers can no longer give consent on their behalf.
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