To Start your Club Application

You Must Send us a Recent Clear Face Image

1. It must be a Colour Image of Quality and Good Resolution

2. Rename the image with your Full Name
If your Device will not allow the Image to be Renamed, be sure to include your Real Full Name within the Email,
If you Fail the inclusion of your name it will result in Image rejection = No Form being Sent
(Do Not Use a False or Assumed Name)

3. No Sunglasses

4. No Hats

5. Send the Image Via Email Send to <>

6. Please Include your MOBILE NUMBER in case our Emailed Form Link is Blocked by your Mail SERVERS

7. Now Check you have Actually Sent Your Image by checking your sent mail

Be sure your Satisfied it has successfully been Attached its your Responsibility

We will Only contact you by Text or Email and Only During the Application Process
Submitting an Application / Image Does Not Imply Guaranteed Acceptance of your Application for Membership

We are a Private Members Club, All New Attendees Must Register online Pre Attending.

Please Exercise Patience whilst we Consider your Application ,

Understanding that we receive Many Applications from Single Guys.

As with All Worldly Known Application Procedures Not all Applicants are Successful

Please Do not Call, Text or Inquire about your Submission in any format.

The Operators Reserve the Right to Accept or Reject Applications without Obligation or Disclosure.

Do Not make Multiple Submissions

BREACHING Any of the Above Application Submission Rules will see your Application Rejected and or get you Blacklisted

    Club Application Image Submission

    Captionless Image