Fare Reduction Application

At Sou’West Nova Transit (SWNT), we are committed to helping residents of Shelburne County access essential services through affordable transportation. Please complete this application so that we can help match you with travel fare reductions that you may be eligible for! (Note that if you are a senior, a Senior Services Representative can assist you in completing this application and act as a reference for you! Call 1-800-565-0397 to learn more! MLA Chris d'Entremont's office can also assist in person in completing an application.)

We also encourage you to speak with your Community Services representative, if applicable, or any service groups you may be affiliated with, as they might also be able to provide assistance. A letter for you to present to them about our services can be made available upon request.

NOTE THAT OUR FARE REDUCTION POLICIES ARE UNDER REVIEW, so we may contact you to request additional information or clarification in the near future. We apologize for any inconvenience this extra step may cause!

YOU WILL NEED: Your most recent Notice of Assessment (and those for others in your household if applicable.)

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