Recalling Our Landcestors
Recalling Our Landcestors
Led by: Candace J Taylor

A virtual 3-month summer BIPOC mentorship rooted in decolonizing our relationship to the land. We will explore the fundamentals of the following topics/themes over the course of 3 months and 8 virtual Zoom sessions:

May 31st @ 11am EST — Opening Circle

June 18th @ 5pm EST — Session 1: Before You Grow

July 2nd @ 5pm EST — Session 2: Fundamentals of Growing Food & Medicine (Part 1)

July 16th @ 5pm EST — Session 3: Fundamentals of Growing Food & Medicine (Part 2)

July 30th @ 5pm EST — Session 4: Backyard Chickens 101

August 13th @ 5pm EST — Session 5: Harvesting & Preservation

August 27th @ 5pm EST — Session 6: Putting Your Gardens to Rest

September 6th @ 11am EST — Closing Circle

Program Details
Recalling Our Landcestors is a 3-month BIPOC mentorship program meeting every two weeks for a total of 8 sessions during the summer grow season. Each session is an average of 60-90minutes long and is recorded for temporary personal review and self-study. You will have approximately 2 weeks to view the recorded session before the next session.

In between each Zoom session participants will have some occasional homework as well as the opportunity to receive direct 1:1 support and mentorship via email, phone and/or individually scheduled zoom check-ins. Participants are also encouraged to submit questions via email to Candace prior to each session to assure any specific questions are integrated into the content covered in the coming session.

Recalling Our Landcestors is a heart offering from me to my BIPOC family for our collective healing and liberation. I do not want this learning experience to be prohibitive for those seeking to participate; sliding scale costs and payment plans are available for those who need.

Costs cover the complete 3-month program, learning resources (eg. lecture presentations, recipes, how-to guides etc.), temporarily recorded session for review and self study, 1:1 mentorship & support from Candace throughout the grow season.

Sign Up Cost —
fill out this online form and submit $25.00 — due Friday, May 29th by 4pm EST

Early Bird Registration Cost — non-refundable
$125 due by May, 10th — paid in full (50% off)

General Registration Cost — Sliding Scale ($150 - $300) — non-refundable
Paid in Full - submit a full payment along the sliding scale range within your budget by Friday, May 29th

Payment Plan - choose the payment along the sliding scale range within your budget and divide that by 6. (For example the minimum costalong the sliding scale is $150. Divide $150 by 6 = $25.) In that example the $25 amount is due monthly by 4pm the day before each Zoom session. On this schedule participants will be paid in full by August 27th before the closing circle.

Submit ALL Costs:
Venmo — @conscioushomestead
PayPal —

Suggested Readings:
Farming While Black
Food Not Lawns
Working the Roots
A New Path
Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century
National Audobon Society Field Guides
Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide
The Art of Fermentation
Sacred Instructions
The Healing Wisdom of Africa
Ritual: Power, Healing and Community
Jamaican Folk Medicine
The Essential Urban Farmer
Vertical Gardening for Beginners
Gaia's Garden
Nourishing Traditions
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