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Mbweni Mangrove forest is a vital periurban forest just at the edge of Dar es Salaam and Coastal region, and there is a degraded area as a result of el nino of the late 1990’s, where a lot of water logged at the mangroves and nearly 2 acres died.

We are restorating the degraded part of Mbweni mangrove forest with 10,000 Mangrove seedling through community based restoration, since March 2018 and upto the moment we have restored 5200 seedling, along with supporting the community in combating climate change by giving them opportunity to alternatively use mangroves through modern beekeeping practice. The programme is Involving Beach Management Unit at Mbweni, Women group (Wanawake Mazingira), with a great support from FIDEC, Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam Mlimani Youngship Tanzania and Tanzania Forest Services.

Your Organization can take part as co organizer by supporting some of the activities involved in the project

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