Merlin's Wishing Well
Free Tokens for 1st-4th level Players
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Free gear for new players who are 1st - 4th level, to get your token collection started. The offerings here are humble, and not supposed to be useful to people who have already started collecting single rares. As a rule of thumb, if you have already have a rare weapon and armor, and at least 3 other rares for your build, Merlin probably can't help you.
One package per forum user.
For Free tokens (shipped within the US), fill out the survey below.
I'll need a few pieces of data to put together your kit, please answer the questions below.

Fine Print: Merlin (me :) ) reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time for any reason, and to reject particular requests for any reason or nor reason at all.
First we need your Forum Profile Link. To find it, click your Profile Link when Logged in in the Forum Area, and then paste the URL on the page that loads into the answer box below.
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Are you part of a Guild? If so what's your guild name?
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What class do you prefer to play?
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