Just Right Fitness Entry/Clearance Form
All clients and trainers must fill this out before entering the facility. By signing this form, you will clearly acknowledge that you will not enter Just Right Fitness of Teaneck, New Jersey if you or any family member has symptoms of any type of illness, and/or has been exposed to any individuals exhibiting any symptoms of illness. THERE WILL BE ZERO EXCEPTIONS!
First Name *
Last Name *
Client or Trainer *
Have you had any recent illnesses? *
If you clicked YES, please explain down bellow. If you clicked NO, please write N/A. *
By signing here, you have confirmed with us that you understand our new terms and policies. If you have any type of illness, you will not be able to enter Just Right Fitness. By taking these precautions, this is our way of keeping our clients and staff safe. This will help slow down the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Just Right Fitness is taking all of the recommended precautions, and we will not be held liable for any illness/injuries that may occur. *
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