The Women’s Community and Women's Community Mastermind (WCMM) Application
I'm so glad that you're interested in being part of a community of women that is collectively working together to grow in to who they're created to be so that they can do what they're created to do.

This group is made up of imperfect women--no one is perfect! That being said, we are looking for women who:

- Offer grace, empathy, and compassion
- Maintain an overall positive outlook and a growth mindset
- Serve with a generous heart
- Genuinely want to see other women succeed
- Lay down their defenses and accept constructive criticism for growth
- Speak up and share constructive criticism to help community members grow
- Value diversity and display respect and love, even when opinions differ
- Choose to be open and authentic within the group as you work toward being who you were created to be
- Encourage others to be open and authentic so they can be who they were created to be
- Commit to the group and invested in helping each member reach their goals

(Note: Not all applicants are accepted or are a right fit. By filling out this application, you agree to living out the above statements. Please discuss any concerns in the comment section below and in the interview process.)

I'm looking forward to talking with you soon!

❤ Renee

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