Survey on ebook market developments across Europe, with special focus on Central Europe. „Global eBook" report 2017
The purpose of this survey, and of the "Global Ebook" report 2017 in general is to gain a better, and more in depth, understanding of digital sales of books in continental Europe. (See at to learn more about the report.)

With the questionnaire here below, we approach notably publishers, distributors, aggregators and industry experts asking for their take on the market evolution. The resulting information will be compared to other market data that we retrieve from a wide array of industry sources, as a valuable input and check to the report.

Our most important goal for 2017 is to gain a more detailed understanding on how ebook sales evolve by genre, segment, and channel - and compare this across markets. We therefore collect as many detailed data, which we then aggregate, in order to preserve anonymity of individual contributions!

At the end of the survey, please indicate if you either (a) allow direct quotes from your answers, or (b) allow your data and references to be aggregated with information from others, or (c) if you want your information to be fully anonymous in the report.

Please submit your questionnaire before March 15, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or , or go to our website at

Thank you very much for your good help!

Rüdiger Wischenbart, Miha Kovac and Team

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