Week 27 Lunch Form (3/18 to 3/22)
If your child is bringing a lunch from home, it is helpful to know that but not required.

You should get an email receipt at the address you type below. If you are not getting email notifications, please try putting your email address in both email fields.

Menu subject to change without notice • Gluten-free** options available ($.50 extra)

Ordering a lunch online on this form does not trigger a charge. Your child is charged only if he/she actually takes a hot lunch, except in the case of gluten-free lunches. Because of the cost of gluten-free food, if you order a gluten-free lunch, your account will be charged whether or not the lunch is taken on the day-of. There is no charge if the student is absent excused.

Many students are asking for seconds, which we are happy to serve when available:
• Extra milk: $0.60
• Second entree: $2.00
• Second sides: $1.00
If you do not want your child to get second servings, please let us know.

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