Arnow Appalachian Film Festival
Read the submission guidelines below and then go to the next page to fill out the official entry form.
Submission Guidelines
Somerset Community College’s Harriett Simpson Arnow Conference will hold its first Appalachian Film Festival as a part of its 2018 conference. The fest will consider films under 30 minutes in length for inclusion into the Conference fest. The event will take place on Friday and Saturday, April 6th and 7th, 2018. Official selections will be screened on SCC’s Stoner Little Theatre’s “big screen” on Friday night of the conference. There is no submission fee.

All films from filmmakers who reside in the Appalachian states of Kentucky, Tennessee, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi will be considered. The fest will accept films of any genre including documentaries and animated shorts. While submissions focusing on the Appalachian experience are encouraged, it is not required for entry.

Entry Requirements:

Filmmaker will complete the Google form on the next page.

Once completed, the filmmaker will email a link to a downloadable film file to You may also send link to the file via Wetransfer at

You must agree to the following conditions:

You must supply us with a link to a downloadable file of your film. We will not consider submissions of films that do not provide downloadable links. We cannot accept links to Youtube.

The resolution of the file you submit must be 720 or higher. If selected, we will screen the file that you submit.

You must agree that you have sole ownership of the content within the file on the online form.

You are required to grant permission for us to convert the file to a form compatible with the Festival player and projector, if needed. Any conversion will be for the purposes of bringing latitude levels into the legal limits of the player and projector to prevent it from being too light or too dark. No changes will be made to the film itself.

If you answer “no” to either of these requests on the online form, your film will not be considered as an official submission.

Submitting a file does not guarantee that your film will be selected.

We will send you email verification when your submission is completed.

All other notifications will be in the form of festival announcements via email.

Deadline: February 9, 2018
Official Selections Announced: March 9, 2018

Go to the next page and complete the form.

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