EthMagicians Council of Berlin Feedback
Thank you for participating in the Council of Berlin. Any feedback you can give us is helpful in planning future events. This feedback will be available to the organizing team - Boris, Dani, Greg, Jamie, and Ligi - and may be passed on to future volunteers. We will share numerical feedback in aggregate.
What was your overall feeling about the event?
Not worth my time
I will definitely participate again
Had you attended an unconference before, where sessions are decided at the event?
Would you want future Councils to include some element of unconference-style session creation?
We think with Rings that in the future we'll have 2 hour, 1/2 day, or even day long time set aside for Rings to dig into important topics or to move particular EIPs forward. But would like to leave room for new sessions or topics to emerge.
What was not covered, that you thought should have been?
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Aside from the content, please give feedback or suggestions on other aspects of the event
This can be anything from food to venue to timing to anything!
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Are you likely to attend the Council of Prague, two days before DevCon4?
General Questions / Comments / Feedback
Please send us any other questions, comments, or feedback that you have. This will be reviewed, so if you want us to get back to you, include your email and we can get back to you.
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