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ReLyfe is a new startup founded by 2 UCSD Seniors, Payal Kela and Namrata Doshi. ReLyfe will be a website for people to share how they overcame ANY small or big life struggle through video interviews. It could be failing a test, being cheated on, battling depression, being abused and the list can go on. The intention is to provide hope to others in similar situations and to reiterate that they’re not alone.

We want to remind students that advice is easily accessible from ANYONE. Everyone you cross paths with could have something valuable to offer to your life, and all they need is a platform. That is why we want to provide them with a website that is solely dedicated to video content like this - for students, like you, to give advice and open up about your hardships, in order to help others and also feel empowered yourself.

In our videos, instead of a typical like/dislike buttons, people can pick “You are inspiring” and/or “I am going through this." We chose to create the “I am going through this” button because it will show the number of people experiencing that same struggle.

A big part of our mission is “Rehumanizing" through real lives. We want to remind people that being human is okay. Experiencing hardships AND overcoming them is a part of being human. We’d like to start a movement of rehumanizing through real lives, and it starts with YOU.

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