Fairy House Escape
It is a beautiful summer day, so you and your family decide to take a walk on the Hickory Bark Trail near Webster Public Library. Once there and on the trail you notice a small fairy house carved into a tree, and then another and another and another! These were not here the last time, how strange! As your parents walk ahead of you, you decide to step back and get a closer look at the first one. As you step close you hear a quiet ringing noise and notice a very tiny note in the very tiny window of the fairy house. The note reads "Help Me Out!" You also see a small flash of light in the house, like a night light turning on and off. You notice the quiet ring happens every time the light flashes. You think to yourself - Could a fairy really be trapped inside? Your next thought is - If there is, I have to help them!
Are you ready to help the fairies escape?
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