Gifted & Talented - Parent / Guardian Referral
The Bradley Beach School District has multiple measures in place that should identify all students eligible for the gifted & talented program. These measures include grade averages (from previous years), standardized test scores, i-Ready assessment scores, DRA scores, and teacher nominations/evaluations.
However, parents/guardians should complete this form if they believe their child is performing well above grade level and would like their child’s achievement and performance to be reviewed to determine eligibility for these services.
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What are your main reasons for referring your child to the gifted and talented program? Please share your insights about his/her talents, abilities, and learning needs. (Please note: Teachers are expected to challenge every student according to his/her abilities. Therefore, a desire to have your child challenged in NOT a reason for referral.)
How often do you observe this characteristic? *
1. Imagines things to be different than the way they actually are. Wonders “what if” or “what would happen if.”
2. Has self-stimulated curiosity, shows independence in trying to learn more about something.
3. Chooses difficult problems over simple ones.
4. Uses unique and unusual ways to solve problems.
5. Possesses a large storehouse of information about a variety of topics beyond the usual interest of their age.
6. Is able to work through frustration and maintain focus.
7. Strives for perfection, is self-critical, and not easily satisfied with his or her pace of learning or production of accomplishment.
8. Expresses interest in understanding self and others.
9. Possesses the interest of an older child or adult in games and reading.
10. Comfortable articulating ideas to older children or adults.
11. Sees flaws in things, including his or her own work, and can suggest better ways to do the job or reach an objective.
12. Seems to sense what others want and helps accomplish it.
13. Tends to direct others in activities, particularly complex ones.
14. Challenges authority when his or her sense of justice is offended and structures alternative approaches.
15. Has a keen, mature sense of humor.
16. Has an unusually advanced vocabulary for his or her age.
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