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Rant is always so busy we don't get a chance to talk to many of you, but we want to make sure we're doing events that you love coming to. We're giving away TWO tickets to December Rant to one person who completes the survey. Add your details at the end and we'll pull a name from a hat on Nov 3.
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How did you first find out about Rant?
How often do you go to Rant?
What do you enjoy most about Rant?
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a) Which of the following do you agree with? Please choose one.
b) More about the dances you like. Please chose one.
c) Tick any of these that you agree with.
d) And again, tick any you agree with.
The bar: are you happy with the selection of drinks, the service and prices?
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What do you think of the venue at One Church?
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One Church is a tough hall for sound, especially when full of enthusiastic dancers! Tick all that apply
How easy do you think it is for people to turn up to Rant on their own and have a good time?
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We try and make Rant as welcoming and as inclusive as possible. Is there anything that would put you off going to ceilidhs, and what can we do to make sure that doesn't happen at Rant?
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What's the best way for us to keep in touch about other events?
Thanks so much for that. Hugely appreciated
Finally, any other thoughts about Rant that you'd like to share?
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Do you want to be included in the draw for free tickets to December's Rant? If so, please add your name and email address.
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