How's Your Career Stress?
Hi there, and thank you for taking the time to fill out this ANONYMOUS survey to help me better understand the inner workings, desires, and needs of people who are stressed out in their careers.

I have worked with hundreds of tech employees over the past few years to help them manage their mental health and well-being struggles, and it's time to expand my efforts beyond the "therapy couch," so to speak.

In order to do that, I need some qualitative data, not just my memory of my past clients. And I would be beyond grateful for YOU to take the few minutes needed to contribute to that data pool, so I can expand my reach and help more people on a broader scale.

So if you feel up to the task to provide some honest answers about your current stress levels, please continue reading, give me some insight into your world, and know that you are contributing to the future well-being of A LOT of people in a similar position as your own.

Please complete this anonymous survey ONLY IF YOU ARE A STRESSED-OUT EMPLOYEE OR ENTREPRENEUR.

If you are completely happy and fulfilled in your career, congratulations, celebrate yourself, and go have a drink instead of filling out this survey. ;-)

REMINDER: This survey is ANONYMOUS, and as such you can feel free to provide answers that are as real and raw as you are willing to provide, WITHOUT FEAR of my following up with you to try to sell you anything. I want you to share as much as you possibly can so that I can better understand the people I have grown to love working with, so that I can continue reaching more and making a bigger impact in the world. By filling out this survey, you are helping me do just that. So THANK YOU!

Tyler Wasson, Psy.D.
- IG: @dr.tylerwasson

P.S. If you WOULD like to provide your personal information in order to connect with me to get further support, there is a separate and OPTIONAL section at the bottom of this survey where you can provide whatever personal details you wish, and I guarantee that I will follow-up with you. Please remember that providing your personal contact information is entirely optional, not required to complete the survey, and also does not constitute a professional relationship between you and myself.
Pre-Screen: What's your job/career industry?
Pre-Screen: Do you TYPICALLY feel stressed or burned out in your job/career? *
1. What would you say is the biggest struggle for you right now in regard to job/career satisfaction? (Please be as detailed as possible)
2. If I could wave a magic wand over your job/career, what would you have me solve? (Please be as detailed as possible)
3. What frustrates you most about your job/career? (Please be as detailed as possible)
4. What changes would you like to see in the near future regarding your job/career? (Please be as detailed as possible)
5. What would you say are the primary reasons you haven’t achieved your goals in regard to your job/career? What holds you back? (Please be as detailed as possible)
6. What is most important to you in regard to your job/career? (Please be as detailed as possible)
7. When you think about your job/career SATISFACTION or STRESS LEVEL, what would you type into Google when searching for information on this? (Please be as detailed as possible)
8. HOW do you like to make purchases for personal development purposes? (i.e. online, Google ads, social media ads, physical store, influencers you follow on social media, etc.)
9. What’s your favorite social media platform? Why?
10. Where do you spend your free time? (whether online or in-person)
11. What are your top 2 hobbies or interests?
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