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Mango Unchained 30L keykeg (156 € H.T.)
Session blended with natural mango and pineapple extracts, taking you to a tropical dimension! Imagine if Rubicon made beer…
ShinDigger IPA 30L keykeg (147 € H.T.)
A plethora of big-hitting American hops thrown in over a clean malt profile to allow the hops to shine! Bright citrus and resinous hop profile
West Coast Pale 30L keykeg (134€ H.T.)
Clean and crisp pale with a burst of orange from the leadhop Amarillo. West Coast Pale is our homage to the West Coast styles that dawned a new era in world brewing and inspired us to get involved.
Session 30L keykeg (132 € H.T.)
Easy drinking IPA you can keep on sipping! A magic combination of Citra and Australian hop Galaxy presents fresh tropical notes.
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