Assets at Large
Thank you for being willing to share your connections, skills, and resources! We will send you information about including your assets in our resource listings for the larger BTCC network . Please check out the asset inventory below.
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List assets that you are willing to share with BTCC and are able to personally leverage.
Individual Assets: (skills, talents, experiences, professional, personal, resources, leadership, networks)
Organizational Assets: (nonprofits, community centers, businesses, citizen groups & clubs, radio/TV stations, home-based enterprises)
Institutional Assets: (faith based institutions, colleges & universities, care facilities, police/fire depts., hospitals & clinics, mental health facilities, libraries, schools, transportation)
Governmental Assets: (state/local/federal government, city council, small business administration, state education agency, economic development)
Physical/Land Assets: (parks, real estate, meeting space)
Culture Assets: (historic/arts councils, cultural affairs councils, tourism, museums)
Other things you're willing to/would like to share:
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